The ARC at Vertical Wellness

The ARC (Athlete Recovery Clinic) at Vertical Wellness is a sports recovery area dedicated to the pre-hab and recovery of athletic performance. Each scheduled session includes 40 minute use and self-access of the ARC, including but not limited to the following:

-30 minutes in the NormaTec Compression Boots

-Marc Pro Plus Muscle Activated Recovery Cascade

-HyperVolt Vibration Massager

-Self-Myofascial Therapy Roll-Out Area and Tools including Gurilla Rollers

-Complimentary Self-Rocktape station for self-taping use

-Complimentary WiFi to allow you to continue to be productive in work or studying during session

-Complimentary water, coffee, or up-to 4 FitAid drinks per month (based on availability)

One Day Pass (Excludes Drinks)


Single (1) Unlimited Monthly Membership


Couples (2) Unlimited Monthly Membership


Family (4) Unlimited Monthly Membership


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