At Vertical Wellness Sports Therapy and Chiropractic, Dr. Mark provides safe, effective, and conservative sports injury therapy, as well as family wellness approaches to the Santa Clarita Valley and San Fernando Valley Residents.


Dr. Mark stives to provide the most honest and gentle approach he can possibly offer all while maitaining your comfort and trust.


Below are some of the various techniques Dr. Mark utilizes in helping both the young and old remain strong and healthy.

The Sports Chiropractic Approach

Using the Sports Chiropractic Approach to Chiropractic Care, Dr. Mark is able to evaluate the entire muscular and skeletal system to help achieve desired relief of pain and discomfort, increased athletic performance, and an increase in overall health and well-being. Dr. Mark will not only pay attention to your spine, but he will also pay attention to your arms, legs, muscles, tendons, and ligaments among others. You don't have to be a sports athlete in order to receive this type of Sports Chiropractic Care Approach; in fact Dr. Mark utilizes this approach to help everyone, including what he refers to as "Corporate Athletes, Parent or Expectant Mother Athletes, and Play Ground Athletes." If you're moving... you're an athlete! His belief is that both the muscles and the bones need attention in order to keep your body functioning and operating at its optimum.

Rocktape Kinesiology Tape

More commonly catching the puplic's attention with the vibrant colors and often bold pattern tapes worn on many of today's athletes, Dr. Mark uses RockTape Kinesiology Tape to help increase recovery and healing time, provide support to injuries, and enhance athletic performance. Truthfully, as both Santa Clarita Valley and San Fernando Valley's first RockTape Doctors, Dr. Mark was the pioneer to help many athletes not only cross the finish line, but cross it with health and style. RockTape is an unique form of athletic tape with an amazing stretch property to it, allowing for normal motion while still offering support to an injury. Most importantly, the tape features a wave like pattern adhesive that literally lifts the skin up and away from the muscle and nerve, increasing blood supply to the muscle and decreasing inflammation which is applying pressure to those surrounding nerves. This then allows for an expedited healing time and a reduction in pain/discomfort. 

F.A.K.T.R. Therapy

Just like a cut to your skin when you get injured, on a microscopic level so too does your muscle get a cut when it gets injured from overuse or trauma. Still even further, just like a scab that forms to try mending the skin back together, sometimes even leaving a scar, your muscles do the same - scar tissue. Scar tissue is a criss cross structure that prevents normal motion of a muscle. F.A.K.T.R., which stands for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab, uses a crazy looking metal tool to help break up the scar tissue to restore proper function. Step away from the scary and aggressive appearance, and the tool is actually quite comfortable, safe, and effective. It basically acts like a comb for your hair, and overtime tries to break up the scar tissue and comb out the "knot."

Chiropractic Adjustments

As a chiropractor, most people understand that we help people with neck and back pain. It's true that chiropractic helps with this, but chiropractors can help with so much more as well! A chiropractic adjustment is the type of therapy used to restore the joints of your skeleton, aligning the joint properly to keep you moving at your optimum. Just like your car, when the tires aren't aligned properly, the tread on your tires start to wear down and it eventually becomes bald. Yes you can replace your tires easily! But what happens if instead it's your knee that isn't aligned properly? Yes, you can replace your knee with a knee replacement surgery! Sure! But why!, Better yet, what if it's your spine (you knew I was going here!)? Can you replace that? I don't mean to be on a soap box and preach, but you're only given one body! Making sure your joints are in alignment to where the normal wear-and-tear to your body that everyone will experience one time or another, can be evenly dispersed, and so that you can get your every mile out of your body efficiently! Wouldn't you do everything you could to keep those joints well aligned? Well, chiropractic adjustments is how that's done... it's the tire alignment of your body! It may sound scary, but Dr. Mark does everything he can to make it as comfotable to you as he possibly can, always guiding you and informing you along the way, without any surprises, so your more comfotable and aware of what to expect. Dr. Mark puts the joints back in to place where they belong to keep you moving pain free for many many more miles as best as it can. When your body moves properly, your car's peformance system (your nervous system) doesn't have to work overtime instead of always throwing on the tire warning on your dashboard (signalling pain to your brain). Your car and your brain can now work efficiently and effectively and combat the slippery roads of pain, common sicknesses like the cold or flu, headaches, stomach issues, and there are even reports of reproductive issues. The body is amazingly well equipped at fighting off many of these above pit falls, so long as the body is equipped with the right tools!

Myofascial Release Therapy

In breaking the word, Myofascial, down, myo- means muscle, and fascia, well... that means fascia! Dr. Mark explains facia as being the "Seran Wrap" of the body, holding all your muscles, arteries, and nerves together while lubricating them so they can glide amongst one another. Have you ever noticed a white, milky, and thin layer that covers a chicken breast you get from the market before you're about to cook it? That's the fascia layer of the chicken! It's a living, ever lubricating "Seran Wrap" layer that allows for movement in your body. When overuse, stress, injuries, or even movement restictions happen, the muscles and it's protective lubricating layer - fascia - don't glide amongst one another properly, and start forming scar-tissue adhesions. This restricts your normal movement or creates pain with movement. Using myofascial release therapy, Dr. Mark applies pressure on top of your skin, directly to the affected muscle and fascia, and helps to release the restiction and melt it away, restoring your range of motion and helping eliminate your pain/discomfort.