New Patients

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What to Expect on your First Visit.

Your First Visit appointment lasts approximately an hour, depending on the extent of your situation. Upon arrival you will be asked to complete the New Patient Forms if you haven't done so already. You can save some time at your appointment by downloading and printing the attached form in the "FORMS" tab above.


Each First Visit will include an Exam where Dr. Mark will take your medical history and perform appropriate orthopedic exams pertaining to your complaint. If x-rays are warranted, Dr. Mark will request that you have your x-rays completed before receiving any adjustment, and he will refer you out to receive your x-rays accordingly. 


Upon completion of your exam, you may or may not receive your first adjustment and treatment therapy. If you do not receive your first adjustment on the same day as your First Visit, you may receive it on your second appointment. 


Your First Visit may include one or several of the following treatments available: Chiropractic Adjustments, Myofascial Release Therapy, Rocktape Kinesiology Taping, Ultrasound Therapy, Electric Stimulation Therapy, and/or FAKTR Therapy. Most of these services can be explained in further detail in the "ABOUT" Tab, under the "SERVICES OFFERED" Tab. 


If this will be your first chiropractic experience, rest assured that Dr. Mark will do everything he possibly can to make it a great first experience. He will guide you through the entire process, always explaining why he's going to do what he's going to do, before he does it, so that you can always let him know if you're just not comfortable with what he's about to do, or if it's to sore and painful to begin with. Dr. Mark works to your comfort, not his, and he commonly jokes that there are no jokes up his sleeve, so no surprises should be expected.


If you have any questions or concerns about your First Visit, please, do not hesitate to call (661) 388-0201 and speak directly with Dr. Mark. 

What Forms and Information do I bring?

Please complete, download, and bring with you the appropriate form(s) that can be found above in the "FORMS" Tab. If using health insurance as a form of payment, please bring your insurance card and a form of identification with you as well. 

What Forms of Payment are Accepted?

At Vertical Wellness, there are many options of payment available. Dr. Mark accepts most major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Dr. Mark accepts Medical Flexible Spend Account Cards, Cash, or Checks made out to Vertical Wellness. Please review the "FEE SCHEDULE" Tab above to see the different types of services with their associated fees that you may expect to be charged at the time of service. 

What Insurances are Accepted?

Most PPO insurances are accepted at Vertical Wellness. Below is a short list of Health Insurances that Dr. Mark is In-Network with, but please verify that you have chiropractic benefits available on your health plan. Unfortunately HMO insurance plans are no longer accepted at Vertical Wellness beginning January 1, 2016.  Please call Dr. Mark if you have any questions regarding your insurance and benefits at (661) 388-0201.

  • Blue Cross (PPO)

  • Blue Shield (PPO)

  • Motion Picture

  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • Meritain


  • Auto

  • Other (Please Call to Verify)