Often times, Dr. Mark receives some great questions. Here are a few commonly asked questions along with their answers.


Does a Chiropractic Adjustment hurt?


It is possible to feel some slight discomfort after an adjustment. This slight discomfort can be comparable to the sore muscles you may feel when you return to the gym after an extended period of time off. Rest assured, as you continue through your treatment with Dr. Mark, your Chiropractic Adjustments will continue to feel more and more comfortable. Feel comfortable in discussing with Dr. Mark if you experience any discomfort, as there are other means of adjusting you.


Do I need x-rays?


Not necessarily. If Dr. Mark finds any reasons that x-rays may make your treatment safer, or that they may diagnose a condition, he may then request them. If you've recently been in any accidents, however, x-rays will be ordered to rule out any fracture or to confirm your injury. Dr. Mark will ultimately make the decision of whether you need x-rays based on what's discussed and found during the exam. His goal is to keep you safe and provide the best care you need and deserve.


How long will it take to "fix" my problem?


Often times you may experience some immediate relief, however, the number of appointments vary with each patient and with each individual's goals. Each person responds to treatment differently and Dr. Mark will recommend what is best for you and your goals after your your first visit. In general, patients often feel progress after one-to-two weeks. Patients who have been experiencing their symptoms for quite some time may take longer - sometimes months. As your spine and symptoms stabilize, the frequency of appointments will decrease. Ultimately it's your involvement, cooperation, and feedback that is needed to help you achieve your goals. Together as a team, you will work closely with Dr. Mark to get you feeling your best.


Can Pregnant Women and Children get adjusted?


YES! Everyone can get adjusted! Adults and Children alike. Dr. Mark does treat children... in fact, he can treat newborns even minutes after they are born. Dr. Mark adjusted his son, Jay, almost immediately when he was born. The stressors of labor and delivery can cause many problems that are often overlooked: problems with the newborn latching, and even colick are a couple of issues that may be alleviated with chiropractic care. You will always have the comfort in knowing that Dr. Mark will not adjust a newborn, or a child, like he would a body builder. Often times Dr. Mark refers to the amount of pressure used to adjust a newborn is equivalent to that of checking the ripeness of a tomato at a grocery store. As for mom, going through the carrying stages before labor and delivery, she too can find comfort in knowing it is completely safe and effective in helping relieve the aches and pains associated with pregnancy - low back pain, swollen ankles, and there have even been studies that indicate that women who receive chiropractic care during their 3 trimesters often have an easier and shorter labor and delivery than those who don't receive chiropractic care. In essence, each individual's treatment is altered to their needs - their age, size, and condition. If you have any questions if chiropractic is right for you and your family, please feel free to contact Dr. Mark and he'd be more than happy to sit down with you and address your questions and concerns.


What's the popping sound when I get adjusted?


As Dr. Mark would explain, when you get adjusted sometimes you may hear a popping sound similar to when you crack your knuckles. Sometimes the popping sound can be loud, sometimes the pop can be faint or not even heard at all, it varies from person to person and joint to joint. You don't need a popping sound to know that your joint properly moved back into proper position. Where the popping sound comes from within the joint capsule. Inside this capsule, envsion it like a ball filled with fluid. This fluid helps lubricate the joint like WD40, keeping your joint moving squeeky clean. Within this fluid, there are also gas bubbles or pockets. When Dr. Mark puts the right amount of pressure and resets the joint, the gas bubbles or pockets release, similar to opening a soda bottle or champagne bottle. This quick release of pressure then creates a quick suction "popping" sound. So it's not that Dr. Mark is breaking any bones, it's just the relase of the gas bubbles or pockets.